Automotive Technology

Copy protection modules and toggle modules in engine control units.

Our copy protection modules prevent unauthorized retrieving of the characteristic curve diagrams and are an efficient protection against copyright infringements in engine control units.

The copy protection modules of the series OBD and OBDS additionally prevent the readout via the On-Board-Diagnose-Interface (OBD). With the shape of the TSOP 48 case, we achieve low installation height for the memory chips. The series OBD and OBDS can be equipped with a mounting base optionally.

The applied components meet industrial standards and operate at temperatures between – 40 C and + 85 C

GrauTec Encoder

The software GrauTec Encoder is needed for the use of our copy protection modules. The delivery includes the software as well as the customized coding algorithm with no extra charge. Please note: the software is currently available only for the Wind ows operating system.


GrauTec copy protection technology

Our modules are designed for a great variety of engine control units. If you have questions and /or would like to know more about our products do not hesitate to contact us. We are also ready to produce modules in small quantities.

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