Assembly of PCBs

You can obtain complete PCBs from us –if desired, containing all necessary
components. We do prototypes, small scale and large scale assembly according to your specifications.

The entire assembling process takes place on our premises. We do not depend on manufacturing plants around the world and therefore we do not have to face delivery problems usually related to this practice. This is the only way we can maintain a high standard of quality and meet agreed delivery deadlines.

The components

You can also obtain the required components for your PCBs from us. Of course,
alternatively, you can deliver the material and we do the assembling. Please mention
in your inquiry if you would like to have a corresponding quote. Find out more about
our components at the following link Components for PCBs.

Layout design of PCBs

If your PCB layout is available, we are of course ready and prepared to do the design for you. During simulation we verify all functions and optimize the layout in order to provide the best performance for a reasonable price.

Learn more about our service Layout design of PCBs.

Assembly of PCBs

We do prototypes, small scale and large scale assembly. For further information and a quotation, please contact us. We are at your service.