Procurement of PCB

Apart from designing and assembling PCBs, if required we can also provide you with
the electrical components and PCBs for your field of application.

Our high quality components ensure a reliable and save finished product.

Profound knowledge about material and technology

The actual purchasing of PCBs and necessary components does not only require good business skills but also a profound knowledge about material and high competence in assembling process.

  • Forpurchasing we only cooperate with reliable and qualified manufacturers and suppliers.
  • Favourable purchasing terms guarantee fair prices to our customers
  • Reliability is an important criterion for us. Only manufacturers and suppliers who can meet deadlines along with providing a high standard of quality are our partners.

Procurement of PCBs and components by our customers

Of course, all components and PCBs for the assembling process can also be supplied by our customers. We are also ready just to do the layout design and /or assembly.

In order to process your order in the best possible and most efficient way, while you
supply the material, we suggest the following procedure:

  • Provide us with a list of all the material you are going to supply.
  • Make sure you send the material in time.
  • Mark all positions distinctly.
  • For processing all components must be provided in a suitable way (reels, belt sections, rods...).
  • Make sure all thematerial is available in our plant completely.– This prevents delays and you can be sure to receive your product at the required date.

PCB trading activities and corresponding components

We are always making every effort to manufacture high quality products. Therefor we offer the procurement of all components for your PCBs within the scope of the assembling process.

Let us know your requirements. You receive a suitable, fair and interesting quotation for your project.